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    about Sterling Faux Linen

    Step into luxury with our Jinchan Sterling Linen Textured Room Darkening Curtains, crafted from premium Faux Linen-Sterling material to deliver a fashionable and distinctive look with a unique texture.


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    From Our Community


    Shelby Mora

    These linen curtains completely leveled up my living room. They look fancy and feel so chil


    Mary Kline

    can't get enough of how these curtains give my space a cool, rustic yet chic vibe. They're the perfect mix of style and practicality!


    Ben Barton

    Compared to other curtains I've found elsewhere, I think they are a good value. I would describe them as a solid, neutral type of curtain that gets the job done rather than making a dramatic statement.


    Damien Pruitt

    Hanging these was a breeze, and they totally revamped my dining area! Minimal effort, maximum impact


    Clayton Osborne

    These linen curtains completely leveled up my living room. They look fancy and feel so chill


    Conor Ayers

    These linen curtains are tough but still super soft. They block out just the right amount of light without being too bulky. Love 'em!

    About Jinchan

    Ideal Curtains in One Go

    We believe that a great deal of curtains choices with comfort and individuality can bring the world to your windows, and make your house the dream home you have always wished for. When JinChan was founded in 1988, our mission was to offer premium curtains withlong-lasting material in pursuit of long-lasting happiness. 

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